United States Aircraft Insurance Group (USAIG) Celebrates 90th Anniversary

On July 1, 2018 USAIG will mark 90 years as a leading provider of insurance to the aviation and aerospace industries.

President and CEO John Brogan
President and CEO John Brogan

In 1928, two World War I aviators – Reed M. Chambers and David C. Beebe – saw the need for an insurance company that truly understood aviation.  In July of that year, they founded the United States Aircraft Insurance Group and United States Aviation Underwriters, Inc., the management company that supplies underwriting, claims and administrative services for USAIG.  Today, nine decades later, their structure survives intact, still delivering unparalleled financial strength and stability, generating the capacity needed to properly insure any size aviation or aerospace exposure.

Through 90 years of aviation insurance leadership and innovation, USAIG has provided private, corporate and commercial segments of the aerospace industry with the broad range of coverage required to ensure stability, progress and growth.  By partnering with prominent industry individuals and organizations to enhance aviation safety, USAIG developed insurance programs that made it possible to launch many of the world’s most important aircraft and space vehicles.

“In 1928 everything you and your family had was earned – every day – and without guarantee,” said USAIG President and CEO John Brogan.  “That motivation, spirit and drive made companies such as USAIG withstand the test of time and it is our privilege to build upon that legacy.    The USAIG family is extremely proud and committed to uphold the company’s strong reputation and high standards for underwriting and claims excellence as we’ve been maintaining and building on that solid foundation ever since.  I am honored to guide USAIG into the future, as we continue to find new ways to provide our customers with the best aviation insurance coverage by responding to the challenges of a dynamic business environment.”

To kick off its anniversary celebration, USAIG will be announcing several key initiatives within the next several months.  Please visit  www.usaig.com for further updates.