Trig Avionics Offering Unique Express Lane Service for ADS-B

Trig 4As the nation approaches the deadline for ADS-B, 2020 is not that far away. The FAA continues to offer pilots the opportunity to secure a $500 rebate against the cost of the avionics. ADS-B experts at Trig Avionics have a quick, easy and cost-effective way to upgrade to ADS-B Out and remind aircraft owners that to qualify for the $500 rebate scheme your aircraft must be:

  • U.S. registered
  • Fixed-wing
  • Single-engine piston
  • Not currently ADS-B Out equipped

The rebate covers ADS-B Out avionics that carry an FAA TSO and meet ADS-B Out rule requirements. Trig’s TT31 and TT22 transponders are 2020 ready and have the latest TSO-C166b for ADS-B Out. In addition to a Trig transponder you need a suitable GPS Position Source and GPS antenna to be ADS-B Out equipped. The Trig TT31 transponder is a class leader, it provides a practical upgrade option as it uses the original antenna, wiring, encoder and BK tray (KT76A, KT76C or KT78A models).

Approved Trig Dealers now offer a unique ADS-B Express Lane Service. Pilots can replace their legacy Bendix King transponder with a ‘plug and play’ TT31 Mode S transponder. If an existing GNS or GTN WAAS Navigator is installed and the aircraft is featured on the Trig’s STC (includes 650 types) then an ADS-B Out installation can be completed in around 5 hours. This saves hundreds of dollars in installation time.

For pilots who don’t have a WAAS GPS, Trig’s TN70 GPS is the ideal ADS-B position source, it comes in a complete kit with a TA70 certified WAAS GPS antenna. Experimental and light sport pilots are best served by Trig’s TN72 GPS Position Source. Paired with a Trig TT22 compact transponder this is a FAR 91.227 compliant 2020 solution.

Trig’s ADS-B Bundle has been designed with experimental and light sport pilots in mind. The bundle includes a TT22 transponder, TN72 GPS position source and certified TA70 WAAS antenna for only $2899 ex. vat. When the bundle is installed, as a complete solution an FAA $500 rebate application can be made. This is a great deal and one that will not last! The FAA’s rebate will end when the money runs out, so don’t wait. Join other pilots, fit Trig, get 2020 ready and claim now.