The National Association of Flight Instructors Celebrates its 55th Anniversary

The National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI) has announced the 55th anniversary of its founding in 1967. Throughout those 55 years, NAFI, the largest and oldest association serving the flight instruction industry both in the US and 35 countries worldwide, has continued its original mission to raise and maintain the professional standing of flight instructors. In conjunction with this significant celebration, NAFI aired the 55th episode of the popular MentorLIVE broadcast in April. Over time, the MentorLIVE broadcast has reached over 140,000 unique viewers and provided 41,600 hours of instruction.

Recently appointed NAFI Board Chair, Karen Kalishek said, “I am privileged to take on this new role at NAFI during the celebration of these two significant milestones for the association. She added, “To honor NAFI’s founding mission while also re-emphasizing our role in the broader aviation community, NAFI has freshly updated its mission and vision statements.”

NAFI’s vision is “Safer pilots through excellence in flight instruction.” Excellence has been at the core of NAFI’s values since the organization’s inception. Safety is the foundation of all flight training and recognizes the ever-present need for ongoing proficiency training by all pilots. To reach this vision, the organization’s mission states, “NAFI promotes flight instruction excellence through education, mentorship, and advocacy.”

Reinforcing proficiency training, NAFI’s MentorLIVE broadcasts are available as a free community service for all aviators. MentorLIVE was introduced as part of NAFI’s 50th-anniversary celebration. Now, after 55 episodes, this valuable programming honors NAFI’s commitment to excellence and aviation safety.

NAFI President Paul J. Preidecker added “According to our recent member survey, educational content was listed among the top reasons for joining NAFI. We are proud to offer MentorLIVE programming as a service to the aviation community.”

To view the entire suite of MentorLIVE broadcasts, visit

NAFI’s 55th-anniversary year includes the 25th anniversary of the ongoing NAFI Master Certificated Flight Instructor Accreditation Program (MCFI), the first-ever FAA-approved accreditation program available for flight instruction. Designed by NAFI board members, this popular program offers flight instructors recognition for their outstanding commitment to the entire flight training community. Instructors receiving the accreditation have met very specific criteria including instructor activity, community service, and personal development.