The General Aviation Awards Board Announces Appointment of NAFI Board Member Gregory Feith to GAA Board

The General Aviation Awards Board of Directors (GAA) announced the appointment of National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI) Board Member Gregory A. Feith to its Board. Feith will lead the nonprofit’s Public Relations team.

“I speak for the entire GAA Board when I say that we are delighted to welcome Greg Feith to our Board as Public Relations Director,” said Sandya Narayanswami, GAA board chair. “Greg’s extraordinary accomplishments and visibility as an NTSB accident investigator, his experience as a podcaster, and his knowledge of the industry will bring new vision and ideas to the Board. In his role on the Public Relations team, he will help get GAA critical support for a strong Aviation Safety culture to the GA community as it moves into the future and evolves to include new constituents.”

NAFI, a long-time supporter of the GA Awards program, has two national award honorees on its Board. Karen Kalishek, board chair, was named the 2019 National FAASTeam Representative, and Adam Magee, board treasurer, was named the 2021 National FAASTeam Representative. NAFI’s support of safety, leadership, and citizenship in the aviation community is reinforced by the addition of Board Member, Greg Feith in his role on the national awards program Board.

“NAFI was honored to be sought out by the GA Awards Committee in its search for a new member and I am thrilled that Greg Feith answered the call to service,” said NAFI Board Chair, Karen Kalishek. She continued, “Greg will undoubtedly prove to be an excellent member of the GAA Board as he has been for NAFI. His experience in general aviation safety and instruction is a perfect fit for both organizations as we mutually recognize and support professionalism in general aviation activities.”   

Feith, former NTSB Senior Air Safety Investigator and “Go-Team” Captain, has investigated over 2,500 general aviation, corporate, and air transport aircraft incidents and accidents worldwide during his 41 years as an accident investigator. Feith received a BS in Aeronautical Studies from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and holds ATP, CFII, AGI, IGI, and UAS certificates.

Feith conducts safety lectures worldwide and is a guest instructor at numerous aviation venues, including his alma mater, ERAU. He appears regularly in aviation safety-related television programs such as MAYDAY, Seconds to Disaster, Why Airplanes Crash on the Discovery Channel, TLC, History Channel, National Geographic, and MSNBC. Greg also co-hosts the popular podcast and YouTube channel Flight Safety Detectives. Greg won a National Emmy Award for his expertise as part of the NBC News coverage of the Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 shootdown. In addition to Greg’s reputation as an expert in Aviation and Aerospace Safety, he was inducted into the Living Legends of Aviation in January 2016. Feith is a resident of Golden, Colorado, and an avid general aviation pilot.

“The General Aviation Awards allows us to recognize outstanding individuals who don’t work in the spotlight but have a passion for aviation and demonstrate a high level of expertise in their respective crafts,” said Feith. “They are mentors and leaders for others in aviation. I am honored to be an integral part of this great organization.”