The Conklin & de Decker Report Advances to Next Level

Conklin & de Decker has announced that the next generation Conklin & de Decker Report will debut at the 2019 NBAA-BACE. The latest series of product advancements streamlines access to the most trusted aircraft comparison data available and is also available in a newly updated mobile app.

The Conklin & de Decker Report is an interactive aircraft comparison report that brings critical data points together into one easy-to-view interactive online report that enables users to compare detailed aircraft cost, performance and specification data. Key variable and fixed costs can be filtered and edited for multiple aircraft and many new features have recently been incorporated to form the most powerful aircraft comparison tool yet.

“We are extremely excited to debut these advanced features at the upcoming NBAA convention,” stated Francisco Zozaya, president of Conklin & de Decker. “This release represents a significant technical step forward and provides users with more access to critical data to ultimately help them make more informed decisions. We will continue to utilize our unique insight, decades of data and expertise to develop and deliver the digital tools to ensure aircraft buyers are fully informed.”

Zozaya continued, “It is my pleasure to also announce that we are offering our friends in the aviation community complimentary full access to our piston aircraft data. From flight schools, universities and enthusiasts to business aviation professionals and aircraft owners, everyone can now explore the most powerful aircraft comparison data right at their fingertips for free.”

Key additions to the enhanced Conklin & de Decker Report include the ability to:

•             Access new fixed-wing data, including full life costs for life-limited components and major component overhauls.

•             Compare dimensions with aircraft overlays.

•             Customize fixed and variable costs.

•             Choose from 16 currency options, U.S. and metric units.

•             Refine results with new mobile app search and sorting options.

•             Download data-only reports.

•             Manage subscriptions with a new customer portal and auto-renewal option.

•             Select from monthly or annual subscription pricing options.

•             Access free piston aircraft comparison reports.

The mobile app and online report integrate decades of cost data from Aircraft Cost Evaluator, Conklin & de Decker’s flagship product for 35 years, to create a comprehensive and dynamic browsing experience for more than 530 jets, turboprops, pistons and helicopters.

NBAA-BACE attendees are invited to visit Booth C9033 to view a demo of the next generation Conklin & de Decker Report. The accompanying free Conklin & de Decker mobile app is available to download now from the Apple App Store and Google Play. To learn more, visit