NBAA: President Biden’s Budget Would Harm an Essential American Industry

The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) expressed deep concern over the Biden administration’s Fiscal Year 2025 budget request, issued to Congress today, which includes multiple proposals that would be harmful to an essential American industry.

“The Biden administration’s sweeping plan would hurt business aviation and the jobs and communities that depend on it and make it harder for U.S. companies to compete in a global economy,” Bolen said. “Among the proposals that single out business aviation for onerous treatment is a five-fold fuel tax increase, even though current fuel taxes already cover the incremental cost imposed on the aviation system. We urge Congress to tell the president that his gambit won’t fly with the citizens, companies and communities that rely on business aviation.”

Bolen noted that business aviation supports 1.2 million jobs and contributes $250 billion to GDP. Business aircraft are used to optimize efficiency, productivity and flexibility, mostly by small and mid-sized companies, and sometimes by the president’s own Cabinet members.

According to independent studies, the majority of business aviation flights carry mid-level personnel – like technical and engineering staff and managers, as well as company clients and customers – largely to small towns and communities with little or no airline service.

The administration’s budget proposal reflects comments made by President Biden in his March 7 State of the Union speech, which echoed policy statements issued just hours before his remarks. Just a few days ahead of the speech, Biden’s IRS chief unveiled a plan to audit companies using business aircraft.