NASAO Applauds House for Final Passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill

The National Association of State Aviation Officials (NASAO) applauded final passage of the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (H.R.3684).

“As Thanksgiving approaches, Americans can be thankful that Congress has finally given its approval to a historic investment in our national infrastructure,” said Greg Pecoraro, NASAO President and CEO. “In finally passing the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, Congress takes long-overdue action to repair and rebuild our nation’s crumbling and often antiquated infrastructure. It also allows state and local governments to advance the work of building the transportation system of the future. This is especially true for aviation, where renovated airports and emerging aeronautical technologies will soon enable easier and more convenient access to the nation’s airways, enabling people, goods, and services to move quickly around the country and across the globe, improving safety, creating new jobs, and protecting the environment,”

The bill included provisions supported by NASAO, including $500 million for general aviation airports, $5 billion for ATC facilities and contract towers, and expanding eligibility for credit assistance for airport projects.