Interel Closure to Leave NASAO Homeless, In Search for New President

The National Association of State Aviation Officials (NASAO) has announced a change of management and executive leadership heading into 2020. NASAO has been contracted with the association management firm, Interel, since 2017 when the company acquired Association Management Group, Incorporated.

With the announcement of Interel’s U.S. office closure, and termination of all association management services by December 31, 2019, NASAO will be looking for a new office either under a different management company or a return to self- management. “This is unfortunate news,” said Kim Stevens, Publisher of the State Aviation Journal and former NASAO employee. “Being under a management company did have some pluses, but overall I think that NASAO was handcuffed. I don’t believe the management company knew what to make of NASAO – It didn’t fit into their cookie cutter philosophy.”

Shelly Simi

The Association also announced that it is conducting a nationwide recruitment for a President/CEO as Shelly Simi, the most recent NASAO president was an Interel employee and left as a result of the upcoming closure. The future of two other NASAO employees is also unclear as they are contracted through Interel as well.    

“NASAO extends our deepest thanks to Shelly Simi, who stepped into the role of President/CEO at the start of this year through the Interel management contract,” said John Binder (AK), NASAO Board Chair. “Her leadership throughout 2019 has furthered NASAO’s mission and it has been a pleasure to work with her over the past year.” 

The search for a new president will be led by ADK Consulting & Executive Search.

NASAO represents the states and public on aviation issues to help provide a safe, secure, efficient, and well-funded aviation system for growth and job creation across the nation. Additional information regarding the executive search will be forthcoming.