Intellisense Systems Introduces IWOS as Replacement for Permanent and Portable Weather Stations

Intellisense Systems, Inc., has introduced the Integrated Weather Observation System, or IWOS. The IWOS ushers in a new era for weather stations by packaging highly accurate environmental-sensing tools into a compact, rugged, and customizable unit that can replace over a dozen sensor components and their corresponding wires and cables. The system can integrate up to eight sensor modules to capture over a dozen environmental parameters, making it highly adaptable to many applications and industries.

The IWOS is available for both portable and fixed operations. Customers seeking a portable solution can take advantage of the system’s solar-power capabilities, satellite communications, cloud-based datalogging, and the ability to fit the entire system into a single case that weighs less than 25 lb. The system can also replace fixed weather stations with connections to line power and interfaces for transferring data. With two-way Iridium satellite connectivity, the IWOS can gather and report weather data from even in the most remote places on Earth.

The environmental sensing modules on the IWOS offer a complete range of weather sensing capabilities, including temperature, pressure, humidity, wind speed and direction, GPS, lightning distance and frequency, and cloud height.

These interchangeable sensor modules capture the same range, resolution, and accuracy as the most advanced surface-level observation systems on the market today. The high-accuracy pressure module calculates barometric pressure within 0.2 mb of resolution, and the integrated LIDAR ceilometer measures cloud height up to 25,000 ft.

“The IWOS truly is a revolution in advanced weather station technology,” said David Miller, Vice President & General Manager of Environmental Monitoring Systems at Intellisense Systems. “We chose the name ‘IWOS’ because we feel that it is competitive with current AWOS systems while also bringing portability, customization, and greater cost-effectiveness to the table. We are ready to provide accurate weather data in a lightweight, rugged, and innovative package without sacrificing performance.”

Every sensor module incorporates the latest high-accuracy weather-monitoring technology into professional-grade packaging, and the whole system can be set up and begin reporting data in less than 10 minutes. The modular architecture also enables the quick replacement of sensor modules with no wires or programming required. This enables room for future growth. These capabilities greatly improve the availability, maintenance, and lifespan of the system over similar automated weather observation systems.