ETC Announces Final U.S. Air Force Acceptance of Suite of Research Altitude Chambers

Environmental Tectonics Corporation announced the final acceptance by the U.S. Air Force of a suite of four Research Altitude Chambers delivered to the 711th Human Performance Wing at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, OH, USA.

Valued at over $38 million, the suite of research altitude chambers allows maximum flexibility in the configuration of unique test scenarios under a wide range of environmental conditions. Three of the four chambers are “man-rated” allowing human occupancy for future initiatives. The fourth chamber can be utilized for equipment and various research testing scenarios.

ETC’s suite of chambers will support activities for the U.S. Government’s aeromedical research mission, which include:

  • Human performance assessment in moderate and high altitude conditions;
  • Aircrew equipment development, qualification and Man Rating;
  • Operationally focused aeromedical research;
  • Non-medical engineering test work for aircraft/weapons programs.

Among other things, the final contract resolution incorporated into the contract the technical provisions of an engineering change proposal that made minor modifications to the device specification to conform it to the as-delivered suite of Research Altitude Chambers, provided for the U.S. Air Force’s final acceptance, resulted in an addition to the contract base price of approximately two percent (2%), and resolved all potential claims regarding contract changes and program delay.

States Robert L. Laurent, Jr., President and CEO, “We are pleased to complete this program and in the years to come look forward to working to support the research altitude chambers and the Government’s important mission for our military personnel.”