Continental Motors Announces Name Change to Continental Aerospace Technologies

Continental Motors Group has announced that the company is changing its name to Continental Aerospace Technologies as part of a global rebranding program.

After conducting studies including customer and team member focus groups from all continents, Continental is modernizing its name and logo to align its Vision to continuously innovate to be the first choice in General Aviation power. Continental’s new name and logo were developed to clearly identify key themes, important to all our customers, partners and team members.

First, the new name sets Continental Aerospace Technologies firmly in its industry segment, aerospace, and aligns closely with key tenets of its Vision including innovation, wide product range, customer support and manufacturing excellence. The logo continues the theme by evoking flight, motion and looking to the future.

“Continental Aerospace Technologies is evolving rapidly, we are adding more products to our portfolio, and covering all the needs of general aviation with both gasoline and Jet A fuel engines. While we continue to innovate and bring new technologies to the market, we are also working to enhance our service, support and manufacturing. This is one of the key components to offer superior performance to our customers. Bringing our brand into the 21st century is only the first step in 2019,” said Christopher Kuehn, VP of Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support. “We will continue to announce new service initiatives, new products, and disruptive technologies, demonstrating our commitment to continuously improve our value proposition to our customers.”

Continental Aerospace Technologies has been a leader in General Aviation throughout its 115-year history. Starting with standard radial engine concepts in 1905, the company began innovating engine architectures and controls. Its firsts include bringing fuel injection, turbocharging, FADEC, and Jet A piston engines into the General Aviation market. Continental Aerospace Technologies continues to invest in its technology, manufacturing and customer service to innovate into the future.