Conklin & de Decker Release Aircraft Cost Evaluator 17.2

Conklin & de Decker announced that the latest 17.2 release of its Aircraft Cost Evaluator (ACE), is available and now includes access to the new Conklin & de Decker Report version 1.0. As the industry standard for benchmarking operating and ownership costs for more than 550 jets, turboprops, helicopters and piston aircraft, ACE is the flagship product from the Conklin & de Decker family of aircraft operating and acquisition data products.

The new Conklin & de Decker Report is available exclusively to ACE subscribers and is simple to use and accessible from the Aviation Resource Library on the Conklin & de Decker website. The innovative report is a concept that combines key features of the Aircraft Cost Evaluator with elements of the Aircraft Performance Comparator into an easy to read report, complete with images and bar graphs.

Aircraft Cost Evaluator and the Conklin & de Decker Report together provide the ideal solution for aircraft owners, operators, brokers and dealers that need to make important side-by-side operating cost, specification and performance comparisons. ACE enables users to make critical decisions regarding aircraft acquisitions and is currently used by AMSTAT, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Business Jet Traveler, Twin & Turbine, Executive & VIP Jets and AvBuyer magazine.

NEW in this Release:

  • Access to the NEW Conklin & de Decker Report 1.0
  • Updated Labor-Hour-Per-Flight-Hour Rates for jets
  • Depreciation percentages adjusted to reflect current market changes
  • Recalculated performance data for Hawker 400XPr, Falcon 2000S and 2000LXS.
  • Newly added Sikorsky S-70i helicopter
  • Hundreds of costs and data points updated, including fuel and maintenance costs.

The latest Aircraft Cost Evaluator software continues to allow comparisons of up to three (3) different aircraft in a single report, no matter what aircraft type is being compared, while ACE Online allows comparisons of up to six (6) aircraft. Once the analysis is completed, the easy to read comparison report can quickly be emailed as a pdf file. As Conklin & de Decker continues to expand its databases with the latest aircraft, every ACE release contains updated fuel costs, maintenance parts & labor costs, and all the necessary data for SEC reporting.

As an added benefit, ACE subscribers have access to Conklin & de Decker’s online reference tool, the Aviation Resource Library, that provides quick access to more tools and information, such as; fuel & maintenance costs, fleet plan checklist, helicopter seating chart, max range at long range cruise, aircraft alias’, engine installation summaries and the aircraft CO2 calculator. ACE subscribers also have access to AircraftPedia™ that includes over 2,900 aircraft drawings and historical biographies on various aircraft models. The recently expanded drawings can easily be exported into presentations or proposals.

“We continue to improve and expand the Aircraft Cost Evaluator, even after more than 30 years of success,” commented David Wyndham, President and co-owner of Conklin & de Decker. “The new Conklin & de Decker Report is our latest addition to make aircraft comparisons even easier for all our ACE subscribers. It is more important today than ever to have quick access to the latest cost data to help make more informed decisions and accurately benchmark your flight operation’s costs,” added Wyndham.

With the latest ACE software, users can also edit nearly two dozen variables, change currencies, and change measurement units to customize reports, allowing comparisons of local costs and salaries. A query function allows the user to narrow the selection to those that meet specific performance criteria. In addition, reports can easily be exported to Word, Excel, PDF, and others, with a click of a button.

The price for the latest 17.2 release of Aircraft Cost Evaluator is $825 for Jets, $675 for Turboprops or Helicopters and $495 for the Piston database. In addition, multiple user licenses are available for $200. Updated twice each year, the annual subscription includes one free update and access to the Conklin & de Decker Report 1.0, ACE Online and the Aircraft Resource Library. Customized reports for individual aircraft can be special ordered for $100 per aircraft for jets and $75 per aircraft for turboprops, helicopters and $50 for pistons. ACE subscribers can save time and shipping costs by downloading the latest software from the Members Only section of the Conklin & de Decker website.