Astro Aerospace Accepted Into NASA Urban Air Mobility Grand Challenge

Astro Aerospace has been accepted to participate in NASA’s UAM Grand Challenge beginning in 2020

The vision to revolutionize mobility within metropolitan areas is one of the most exciting frontiers in modern aviation. Astro’s engineers and team are proud to be selected to participate in the UAM Grand Challenge alongside “the best of the best” of the UAM community. NASA remains committed to supporting accessible air transport systems for passengers and cargo by working with the urban air mobility (UAM) community to identify and address the key challenges ahead.

In 2020, NASA will host a UAM ecosystem-wide challenge for participants to execute system level safety and integration scenarios within a robust and relevant environment. The goal of this first in a series of UAM Grand Challenges, which NASA is calling GC-1, is to promote public confidence in UAM safety and facilitate community-wide learning while capturing the public’s imagination.

“We are excited to be accepted into the Grand Challenge and see this as a terrific opportunity to demonstrate Astro’s innovative technology to the World and collaborate with other developers. What greater platform is there than to work closely with NASA towards a new landscape of urban air mobility? ” states Phil Croft (Astro structural engineer).

Bruce Bent states “ Our team is very confident our Elroy2 will be well positioned amongst other great companies involved in this Nasa challenge. We are very pleased to be accepted and recognized as a player in this VTOL industry.

Elroy is Astro’s 2 passenger, eVTOL (Electric Take Off and Landing) short haul aerial vehicle that has the ability to travel up to 70km/hr for 25 minutes completely emission free, is ideal for urban commutes, and turns long commutes into minutes.

It’s industry leading Touch Screen Control system, flight control algorithm and avionics software are just a few of the key components that attribute to Elroy’s success.