ASA Opens 2018 Distinguished Aerospace Service Award Nominations

The Aerospace States Association is now accepting nominations for the association’s 2018 Thomas R. Hobson Distinguished Aerospace Service Award. The award is named in honor of Thomas R. Hobson, who served as Principal Manager of Government and Public Affairs at Rockwell Collins, headquartered in Cedar Rapids, IA. Mr. Hobson desired and worked tirelessly to ensure that the aerospace industry be as strong a contributor to their local and state communities as they are nationally and globally.

The award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated exemplary characteristics which bring government, industry and education together to strengthen the aerospace industry for the benefit of a state, territory or region of the United States of America. The award seeks nominees who have contributed to, and recognize, the U. S. states’ and territories’ fundamental and important economic role in strengthening America’s aerospace prowess. The award annually highlights an individual who demonstrates integrity, service, innovation, collaboration and commitment to policy development, research and design advocacy, workforce education/training, operational excellence and technical competency – – all which make aerospace industry in states and territories, as well as the nation, stronger and more competitive.

Nominations of the award are open until May 9, 2018. The award will be presented at the ASA annual meeting; hosted this year by the great State of Wisconsin, in Milwaukee, July 25-27, 2018. For more award information contact Robert Mansfield, ASA Director, National Programs at: