ALTO Aviation Introduces New Cabin Audio Upgrade Solution for Retrofit Challenger Aircraft

ALTO Aviation has introduced a new cabin audio upgrade program specifically designed to offer a cost efficient, fast, and seamless audio upgrade solution for retrofit Challenger aircraft 601, 604, and 605.

Former Audio International (AI) digital Cabin Management Systems implemented serially controlled amps and integrated A/V components. To effectively bypass this system limitation, an RS-485 databus reader was added to an ALTO DZ-290 amp to interpret audio settings for audio selection, volume levels, EQ presets, and speaker on/off. This serial databus reader allows the existing AI CMS to remain intact but will enable ALTO to control the audio path from source to amplification; this way, ALTO can get the best audio signal directly to the ALTO amp and control the system in tandem with the existing CMS. This integration is vital to preserving the existing AI architecture and minimizing the impact on the currently installed CMS.

Former Baker systems typically employ traditional analog amps that can be easily replaced by ALTO components. Often, internal PA audio distribution is sent through the amps. Most Baker Cabin Management Systems can remain intact with minimal impact and redesign. A more comprehensive solution is required when former Baker M2060 and M3070 amps are employed.

Many AI and Baker speakers may be replaced with 100% fit-compatible ALTO speakers, making the installation easy and seamless. ALTO Aviation offers several loudspeaker models with adapter brackets to fit into the same mounting hole patterns. These brackets make the installation very simple, a real “remove and replace” alternative that simplifies the upgrade path.  

“The Challenger aircraft is a top-rated upgrade program for ALTO, and customers appreciate the great sound when they get a new ALTO audio system. By reusing the same PSU grills and implementing 100% fit compatible speakers, we help keep the installation costs low, making it an attractive sale to the customer. Every ALTO audio system is supported with an onsite custom tuning by an ALTO audio engineer to ensure peak performance. So, whether the upgrade is to simply make the cabin audio system sound better or to complement your new CMS upgrade to HD monitors, we can help.” – Kevin Hayes, VP of Sales & Marketing, said.