Need an IFR Clearance by Phone?

As part of the Flight Service modernization initiative, the FAA is streamlining the process for pilots to obtain IFR clearances directly from certain Terminal facilities. This new process will eliminate the need for Flight Service to relay clearances. It will increase efficiency and reduce the risk of potential errors. In the April 27 edition of the Chart Supplement, US, you will find the published phone numbers of 30 Terminal facilities for initial clearance delivery. Twelve of these facilities will install a separate cancellation line for pilots to call and cancel IFR flight plans. More numbers will be published once they are installed.

With the exception of Alaska, other facilities may also provide direct lines for IFR clearances and cancellations under a future agreement to refine the delivery of flight services. To find out if phone numbers for direct clearance delivery are published at an airport near you, check out Chart Supplement, US. This change does not affect pilots that request clearances or cancel IFR flight plans by radio. For more information, visit