UK’s Ideagen Q-Pulse Software, Further Improves Aviation Safety Reporting

ideagen Main_Office2editAIM-listed software developer, Ideagen, has released a new version of its safety management system software, Q-Pulse that helps aviation organizations to improve safety reporting.

Regulation (EU) 376/2014 on the reporting, analysis and follow-up of occurrences in civil aviation requires aviation organizations to store occurrence reports in databases that are compatible with the European Coordination Centre for Accident Reporting Systems (ECCAIRS) software.

Ideagen Q-Pulse has supported aviation organizations in meeting Regulation (EU) 376/2014’s mandatory occurrence reporting requirements since the Regulation became applicable in November 2015.

Now, with the latest release in the form of Q-Pulse 6.6, Ideagen has further improved how its software supports the mandatory occurrence reporting process, this time at the point of use.

“Q-Pulse already lets users submit mandatory occurrence reports (MORs) in a compatible format directly either to ECCAIRS or to the local authority,” explains Paul Callaghan, Product Manager for Q-Pulse at Ideagen.

“With version 6.6, we’ve made further improvements in simplifying the reporting process,” says Callaghan. “Q-Pulse can now populate exports with the correct file needed to convert MORs to an ECCAIRS compatible format, by ‘remembering’ where that file is stored.

“What this means for our users is that they don’t need to spend time searching for the correct files or effort in remembering where they’re stored. This makes it more likely that the correct file is chosen and cuts the time it takes to submit reports to ECCAIRS.

“We’ve also made it easier for users to submit reports separately, while accessing the occurrence record, as well as in batches. This makes safety reporting more effective by streamlining and simplifying the process and making it more efficient for users.

“Making these changes helps us meet the needs of our customers, as well as making the experience of using our software better,” concludes Callaghan, “and maintains our commitment to making day-to-day work better, by continually improving the processes that support business operations.”

Q-Pulse is Ideagen’s flagship safety management system software for the aviation industry. The software is used by more than 200 aviation organizations around the world, including Emirates, Thomas Cook, Brussels Airlines, KLM, flybe and Spirit Airlines.