Toronto Pearson Airport Features Xovis 3D Sensors and Software to Reduce Queue Wait Times

Xovis, an international market leader for intelligent people flow solutions in airports worldwide, announced its most recent rollout at Toronto Pearson International Airport, the largest and busiest airport in Canada. In August, Xovis installed its best-in-class 3D Sensors and software at Pearson’s transfer area located inside the new customs and security screening facilities for international passengers connecting onward to domestic destinations; these systems have now gone live. This is a first-of-its-kind in any Canadian airport, providing AI sensor technology used to measure waiting times, queue lengths, passenger behavior, and social distancing to keep airport passengers and employees safe and moving seamlessly.

At Toronto Pearson, the Xovis Passenger Flow Management System receives data streams from the sensors and provides airport personnel with valuable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as predictive wait times for specific passenger groups, process times and passenger throughput. Xovis technology does not capture images of passengers, but rather measures the number of passengers in select areas of the airport. The KPIs are visualized on an intuitive dashboard, enabling the airport to:

  • Quickly identify crowded areas and bottlenecks
  • See what is going at any time; the intuitive and comprehensive user interface offers real-time insights on every process point
  • Playback the entire operation: data can be replayed simultaneously from multiple process points to identify the cause of an issue

“Our 3D Sensors have been part of the check-In area at Toronto Pearson since 2019, and we were happy the airport experienced incredible success with our technology and real-time data to expand into a whole new area,” said Cody Shulman, Managing Director, Xovis North America. “With more and more international flights resuming gradually from July onward at Toronto Pearson, we implemented the system beforehand to ensure operational readiness and to take advantage of installation without having to work around windows of arriving passengers. Xovis’ solutions help optimize the trial-and-error reconfiguration process, the utilization of space, and the real-time redeployment of personnel making for a better passenger journey.”

“The Greater Toronto Airports Authority has a vision to create the airport of the future,” says Glen Henderson, Director of Terminal Operations, Greater Toronto Airports Authority. “A smoother connections process at Pearson—enabled through Xovis’ technology—is in keeping with our commitment to foster a stellar airport experience for all of our passengers; it also results in economic benefits for our communities, the province and the country at large.”