Sally B – The Flying Memorial Adopts ADS-B

Photo above – Remo Guidi

Across Europe pilots are being encouraged to install ADS-B Out technology, this improves ‘electronic’ visibility and enhances flight safety. One pilot set to appreciate the benefits of ADS-B Out is Captain Peter Kuypers. Peter is the skipper of Sally B – Europe’s last remaining airworthy B-17 Flying Fortress.

Peter explained, “We are carrying out vital maintenance before we return to display flying. This will include adding ADS-B to the aircraft. It may seem strange to suggest that a 24-ton aircraft, with a 103-foot wingspan needs to be more visible. However, adding a Trig TN70 GPS position source to our Trig transponder makes a lot of sense. Visibility from the pilot seat is not the best and most of our flying is at low altitude, in busy VFR airspace. Having ADS-B Out will enhance our visibility and reduce the potential risk of a collision. In fact, I would encourage all aircraft owners to install Mode S and ADS-B Out equipment, as it will enhance safety – no matter what you fly.”

The addition of ADS-B Out technology has another spin-off. Aircraft enthusiasts will be able to see Sally B, long before her engines can be heard! Popular apps like Flight Radar 24 will display Sally B’s ADS-B Out position as soon as her transponder is switched on. Seeing her ‘live’ as she flies to an airshow is now an added attraction.

Aircraft Operator & Team Leader Elly Sallingboe said, “We are grateful to Trig for their continued support. Sally B is also equipped with two Trig radios, these avionics are dependable and really suit the vintage panel. We operate as a charitable trust, and it takes a remarkable group of dedicated volunteers to keep Sally B flying. We are all keen to get Sally B back in the air, display flying whilst honoring the brave veterans, who operated the B-17 in the dark days of World War Two.”