Mooney Selects TKS Ice Protection System for M20 Ultra Series

Mooney International announced it has selected CAV Ice Protection to provide Flight Into Known Icing (FIKI) certified TKS Ice Protection and support services for the single-piston Mooney M20 Ultra series aircraft.

“Throughout the history of Mooney, we have installed and used CAV Ice Protection equipment. The TKS Ice Protection System has proven to be a reliable and effective system that allows equipped aircraft to safely fly within the flight into known icing conditions envelope,” said Kevin Hawley, Mooney Chief Engineer.

Hawley explained that in the mid-1990s Mooney coined the phrase “Personal Airliner” as a way to convey the utility and value in Mooney aircraft. Mooney needed a viable FIKI system on the M20M TLS and the M20R Ovation that were in production. Thus, a partnership was made with CAV Ice Protection to manufacture and supply the TKS Ice Protection System.

TKS Ice Protection Systems provide anti-ice and de-ice capabilities with clean exit performance, protect aft of the leading edge, improve leading edge durability and life, and require low maintenance.

“We are proud to continue the Mooney partnership by providing an ice protection system that has been technologically proven on the Mooney M20 since 1995 and nearly 50 years before on aircraft since 1942,” said Jerry Jordan, Vice President of Design Engineering.

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