James Ketchell Close to Completing Global Flight in Gyrocopter

Serial adventurer, motivational speaker and fund raiser James Ketchell has nearly completed the latest stage of his epic round the world Gyrocopter flight. James is using his Trig TY91 radio and TT21 transponder to safely communicate and aviate across 27 time zones and 37,000 kilometers.

Having flown across Europe, Russia and every state in America James is now heading north – through Canada in advance of crossing the Atlantic, back home to the UK.

Recently James flew through New York, past the Manhattan skyline. James shared, “What an amazing experience! This demonstrated the fantastic visibility from my Magni Gyrocopter. Speaking to air traffic in New York on my TY91 radio, I was permitted to fly past the Statue of Liberty – this was very cool. My Trig radio and transponder are panel mounted, easy to use and thankfully splash proof too. I’ve flown through some rough conditions and my Trig kit has been 100% reliable.”

James is using a TT21 transponder, linked to a TN72 GPS position source. These certified avionics provide a dependable Mode S and ADS-B Out capability, making James visible to air traffic and other aircraft. In busy or remote skies, the added safety this provides is something all pilots can enjoy.

When James completes his flight, he will become the first person to fly a Gyrocopter around the globe. He has been raising money for children’s charity Over the Wall and Kindled Spirits, which supports victims of trafficking. In every country visited James has been speaking to school children and youth groups, sharing his inspiration to overcome trials and persist in the face of adversity.

James said, “I’m very grateful to all my supporters who have made this flight possible, but also importantly given to the charities I promote. Trig’s contribution to this record-breaking flight is clear, every flight hour has been spent using these superb avionics – making me visible to others and helping me communicate along the way.”