IBAC IS-BAO FlightPlan Stage 1 Nominated for First Top Flight Award

The International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) said it was honored to have the new International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) FlightPlan Stage 1 Program for small operators nominated by the Aviation International News (AIN) magazine for its first annual Top Flight Award.

“We are proud to have this new program recognized by the AIN editorial staff and thank them for nominating it for the new Top Flight Contribution to Safety award,” commented Bennet Walsh, IS-BAO Program Director. “This new program is truly a result of listening to operators around the world.”

Walsh said IS-BAO has always been a scalable standard for any size operation. Still, in today’s single aircraft operation, fixed-wing or rotor, the resources to implement an SMS can be limited. The key advantage to FlightPlan Stage 1 is the highly credentialed and standardized progressive implementor that mentors and walks through the entire process with the operator and greatly reduces the time it takes to get to Stage 1. “We are excited about this program and its ability to make IS-BAO more accessible to more operators and ultimately improving their safety culture,”  added Walsh.

The innovative FlightPlan Stage 1 Program defines a clear, stepped, and simple pathway to IS-BAO Stage 1 registration within 90-180 days of initiating the Stage 1 process and includes a specially credentialed implementor to streamline the pre-audit process for the small operator. The FlightPlan package consists of the IS-BAO standard document suite and the IS-BAO General Company Operations Manual (GCOM) in the operator’s regulatory framework (e.g., NCC, FAR Part 91/135, etc.) in coordination with AviationManuals. Post-registration “On Course” validations will happen every six months during a 24-month period, all under one inclusive fee structure.