Executive Compass Flight Institute Selects ALSIM AL250 Sim

ALSIM, the global flight simulator manufacturer headquartered in France, is strengthening its presence in Canada as Executive Compass Flight Institute, located in Pitt Meadows Airport, Canada, has recently bought an ALSIM AL250 simulator.

The AL250 simulator addresses initial phase training needs (PPL, CPL, IR/ME) and is SEP/MEP re-configurable simulator certified as an EASA FNPT II. In addition, it offers both classic and glass cockpit instrumentation for each flight model at the simple flick of a switch. This device has been extremely well received since its creation and more than 65 of these have already been installed and are in successful operation worldwide.

“Executive Compass Flight Institute (Compass Flight) chose the Al250 after careful consideration and comparison to worldwide industry competitors. We found the functionality and more realistic flight control feedback to be the key differences and the major reasons why we chose the Al250. Additionally, AlSIM’s reputation as an industry leader with consistent high level customer service and product support led Compass Flight to feel most comfortable in choosing ALSIM as a provider. The management and instructional staff at Compass Flight believe that the AL250 will be a great compliment to our fleet of aircraft.” according to Brian Kong, Director of Flight Operations of Executive Compass Flight Institute.

Mark Gibbons, Chief Flight Instructor of Compass Flight, added “I am pleased to offer a modern state-of-the-art simulator to our students which will greatly benefit their training experience”.

Jake Gorham, ALSIM Inside Sales Coordinator emphasizes: “It has been an absolute pleasure working with the Compass Flying team over the past few months. Although being a new program to the area, the team comes with many years of aviation experience and will surely thrive in the ever-growing need for high quality aviation training. It is exciting to support such a school by providing a top-notch sim platform with the AL250.”