El Al Remains Committed to Keeping the Skies Open and Preserving Air Bridge to Israel

In a recent open letter, Dina Ben Tal Ganancia, CEO, EL AL, wrote that the airline remains committed to keeping the skies open and preserving the air bridge to Israel. “Many of our employees and their families have been called up for military reserve duty, contributing to the defense of our nation. Yet, we continue to operate flights to and from Israel as scheduled, even expanding our flight schedule to better serve our passengers.”

El Al added 60 flights last week and announced standardized fares to facilitate the immediate return of many Israelis, including soldiers and essential personnel. On Saturday, they operated 4 special rescue flights from New York, Bangkok, and Madrid to assist security forces and rescue and medical teams, with these flights funded by EL AL in cooperation with others. Furthermore, they transported essential emergency equipment.

“We understand that this situation is causing concern and uncertainty,” penned the CEO. “Our dedicated teams are working tirelessly to respond to the thousands of inquiries we receive daily. We are especially sensitive to the needs of bereaved families and those with loved ones injured or missing.”

The airline has established a 24/7 emergency line at +972-3-9404040 to address operational or service challenges.

To provide flexibility during these challenging times, El Al has extended their flexible ticket policy, allowing you to cancel your ticket and receive a voucher for future use.

To help passengers maintain continuous contact with their loved ones, the airline is offering free in-flight Wi-Fi on routes where our internet service is available.

EL AL is dedicated to serving the people of Israel. “We join you in hoping for a swift return to peace and the safe homecoming of all IDF soldiers,” wrote Dina Ben Tal Ganancia. “EL AL is here for you, both in routine and emergency situations.”