Deutsche Aircraft and AERO-Bildung Sign Partnership to Start Vocational Training for Aircraft Mechanics

Shown above from left are: Heinz Jagusch, Maintenance & Production, Deutsche Aircraft, Nico Neumann, VP Operations and Program, Deutsche Aircraft, Robert Voit, Managing Director, AERO-Bildung and Georg Voit, Managing Director & Accountable Manager, AERO-Bildung.

Deutsche Aircraft, a German aircraft OEM, and AERO-Bildung, the aviation training center of Bavaria, have signed a cooperation agreement to jointly train future aviation mechanics. Both companies are distinguished by their long experience within the aviation industry.

This is the first time that Deutsche Aircraft is offering vocational training. It is part of an integrated recruitment strategy that supports the growth and ambition of the company. The first cohort will enroll four students and is expected to start in September 2022.

During a 42-month timeframe, trainees will learn the basics of the work as aircraft mechanics at the AERO-Bildung facilities and will test their newly acquired knowledge on state-of-the-art aircraft at Deutsche Aircraft nearby Munich.

Upon graduation, outstanding trainees will have the opportunity to start their career within Deutsche Aircraft, either at Oberpfaffenhofen or at the Final Assembly Line in Leipzig.

“The start of this vocational training program is part of a long-term growth strategy for Deutsche Aircraft. It also supports our regional strategy as it will help strengthen the connection between our two German sites in Oberpfaffenhofen and Leipzig. During this program, students will learn the ins and outs of the business of aircraft mechanics and will test their newly acquired knowledge on state-of-the-art aircraft. We are looking forward to welcome them and to enrich our team with a youthful spirit” said Dave Jackson, CEO of Deutsche Aircraft.

“We are excited to contribute to training the next generation of aircraft mechanics with the right skills to make our vision, climate neutral flying, a reality. Vocational training opens the door to an exciting career that starts straight after school. Within this program, trainees learn everything there is to know about aircraft mechanics, from assembly to maintenance of an aircraft. Moreover, we will offer the opportunity to the top graduates to develop and progress within our company”, says Nico Neumann, VP Operations and Program.

“Investing in young generations is investing in the future. We are looking forward to this cooperation and offer a wide area of trainings and qualification beyond apprenticeships within the aviation industry”, says Robert Voit, founder of AERO-Bildung.

Applications will open in October 2021. More information on the application process will be published in October 2021.