Daher brings TBM 910 to EBACE 2017, Highlights Charter Use

The TBM 910 is making its first appearance at EBACE (the European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition), where this latest TBM version underscores the capabilities of Daher’s very fast turboprop aircraft family in charter operations.

Both the new TBM 910 and Daher’s TBM 930 are on the EBACE 2017 static display line (position SD04) at the Palexpo exhibition center adjacent to Geneva Airport, with the company also having a booth in the exhibit hall (stand #U118).

Nicolas Chabbert, Senior Vice President of the Daher Airplane Business Unit, said these two aircraft types – along with the TBM product line’s earlier members – are well tailored for expanded opportunities in charters, corporate services and other missions now being approved for single-engine turboprops, taking full advantage of their efficiency and speed.

“The European Union’s regulatory approval in March for Commercial Air Transport operations with single-engine turboprop in instrument meteorological conditions (IMC) and at night is a tremendous opportunity for the business aviation community to address a larger base of customers,” Chabbert explained during a press conference.

“Business travelers in Europe who require solutions for fast transportation now can find them with our TBM very fast turboprop family, answering their expectations for high-quality service, time savings and safety. In addition, the TBM will enable them to access to more destinations while recent cabin upgrades enable them to stay connected during flight,“ he added.

The TBM 910 and the TBM 930 benefit from the same range, performance and technical features that have contributed to the cornerstone TBM 900 version’s success in Daher’s six-passenger pressurized single-engine turboprop aircraft product line.