BrightPortal Gains FAA Certificate of Conformance/Certification for SOLAR Powered LED Pavement Markers

BrightPortal Resources, LLC has announced that the company has gained L-853 (AC 150/5345-39D) Certificate of Conformance/FAA Certification on its SOLAR Powered LED retro-reflective pavement markers.  “We are very excited and honored,” said Tim Cowsert, President and CEO of BrightPortal. “We are blessed to have an 11-year proven track record of offering a cost effective and safety enhanced lighting solution to airports around the country.”

Tim Cowsert

Cowsert said the process for certification from the FAA took 7 years. “To say we are excited to finally gain our FAA Certification is an understatement,” said Cowsert. “We appreciate the process but are very happy that we have the certification now.”

BrightPortal does business across the U.S. and abroad, including Italy, Australia, Alaska and Canada. “We are expanding with opportunities in Brazil in 2021,” said Cowsert. “We were grateful to be able to attend the NAAA National Ag Convention this month in person and catch up with a lot of friends and business associates,” said Cowsert. “It was a nice way to wrap up 2020!”

Cowsert said they look forward with confidence to re-connecting in 2021 as they continue to provide an awesome product to their existing friends and customers and “gain new friends and customers in the coming years.”