ALSIM Provides ALX Simulator to Poland’s UnitedSky

ALSIM announced the sale of an ALX to UnitedSky Pilot Academy based in Warsaw, Poland.

The ALSIM ALX provides up to 4 classes of aircraft–from single engine piston, twin engine piston, twin turbine up to medium category twin jet. The device is designed and approved for ATPL, CPL, MCC in compliance with all current regulatory standards. The ALX offers advanced technology simulation equipment tailored to all specific training requirements. In addition, it has a proven track record for cost-effectiveness and helps save numerous aircraft hours.

Tim Bertels, iSystems owner, clarifies: “The ALSIM ALX simulator was sold to Unitedsky by Belgium-based iSystems NV who, in addition to their activities in Oil & Gas and alternative & renewable energy, has been recently involved in aviation sector. Since iSystems’ origins trace back to a close cooperation with an aerospace manufacturing company, they have kept a keen interest in the sector and like iSystems, ALSIM designs customer-centric and innovative systems for a market that demands the highest standards.”

Pawel Jóźko, pilot, instructor and FSTD Manager in UnitedSky Pilot Academy, explains their choice: “Our goal at UnitedSky is to provide high-quality training to meet the current challenges facing the aviation industry. We work only with the best. We chose ALSIM for its impeccable reputation and experience in producing excellent devices. ALX is amazing! It is an FNPT II simulator that reproduces real flight conditions. You can feel in it like in a real plane. The view and perspective are much more realistic than on some FFS simulators. The flight experience and system logic reflect the real airplane regardless of the Generic Model. Customer service at the highest level, I wish such cooperation to every aviation school. Once you take off, you don’t want to land!”

Anna Lezoray, ALSIM’s Account manager emphasizes: “It has been an absolute pleasure working with iSystems and UnitedSky teams over the past few months. We are extremely happy and proud to welcome UnitedSky among our customers and would like to thank them for their confidence.”