Pierpont Aviation Program Reaches Articulation Agreement with SIU

Pierpont Community & Technical College’s Aviation Maintenance Technology program has reached an articulation agreement with Southern Illinois University. This articulation will allow for Pierpont students looking to pursue their bachelor’s degree in Aviation Maintenance Management a path to complete their first two years at Pierpont, and then finish their final two years at Southern Illinois.

SIU’s Aviation Maintenance Management specialization is an online degree completion program that offers graduates from two-year FAA Part 147, avionics, and other aviation-related programs, who are already working professionals, the opportunity to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Technologies degree completely through distance education. Individuals are able to use previous coursework from an accredited institution and/or related work experience as required credit hours.

With the SIU program being completely online, it provides students a flexible way to continue their education. “Students have the opportunity to attain their bachelor’s degree after leaving Pierpont with this flexible program”, states Dr. Brad Gilbert, Director of the National Aerospace Education Center and Program Coordinator for Pierpont’s Aviation Maintenance Technology program. “Students can begin working within the industry while they continue working toward their bachelor’s degree, giving them valuable experience and a quality education simultaneously”.

Pierpont and SIU have been working on this articulation over the past year, and this week, they were able to reach an agreement. “As an alumnus of Southern Illinois University, this agreement and program is near and dear to my heart”, states Dr. Gilbert.

For more information regarding Pierpont’s Aviation Maintenance Technology program, please visit Pierpont.edu/programs.