FAA Investing in Future Aviation Workforce with Grants

Aviation Workforce Development Grants

The FAA has announced plans to provide up to $10 million in grants to academia and the aviation community to help its partners prepare a more inclusive talent pool and to inspire and recruit the next generation of aviation professionals. Although not yet accepting grant applications, the FAA is promoting these new funding opportunities so that those interested may learn more about the programs or the process to apply for a grant.

The FAA invites you to:

  • Submit formal feedback about the program using the Federal Register Notice “submit a formal comment” feature. The FAA is accepting comments, feedback, or questions through September 23, 2020 at these links:
  • Federal Register Notice for Aircraft Pilots grant program (includes aerospace engineers and unmanned aircraft systems operators)
  • Federal Register Notice for Aviation Maintenance Technical Workers grant program
  • Visit their website to learn more about the programs, including eligibility criteria, application deadlines, and how to apply.
  • Sign up for our mailing list so you can stay informed about program announcements, including when we will start accepting applications and frequently asked questions.
  • Tell your contacts about these grant opportunities. We provided some informational flyers in the attachments that you could use in your message.
  • Promote and follow this program on your social media channels using the following hashtags #AviationDream and #STEMandSky. We included some images for you to consider for social media posts.