The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Air Safety Institute (ASI) released a new video from its Early Analysis series providing an initial analysis of a tragic accident that took place on December 27th.

On that date, a Learjet 35A crashed into a neighborhood in El Cajon, Calif., killing the pilot, copilot, and two flight nurses. No one on the ground was injured. The airplane, operating under Part 135 of the FAA regulations as an air ambulance flight, was returning to its home base at Gillespie Field (KSEE) after its third and final flight of the day. Weather conditions at the time of the accident were three miles visibility in light mist at night under layers of scattered and broken clouds at 1,100 and 2,000 feet above ground level (AGL), respectively.

“In Early Analysis: N880Z, the AOPA Air Safety Institute wants to help pilots understand what is known about the accident and some issues the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is expected to look at during its investigation,” said AOPA’s ASI Senior Vice President Richard McSpadden. “It appears the pilot lost control of the airplane shortly after overflying the airport while making a left turn to line up for Runway 27 Right. It’s important to remember this video was made based solely on information that is currently available to help provide an understanding of the accident. The NTSB could conclude further information during their investigation that was previously unknown, which could alter our understanding of this accident.”

Early Analysis videos provide an initial assessment of prominent mishaps that generate large public interest and may indicate important safety lessons for the general aviation community.

View the video here.