1st New Sling NGTs Arrive In U.S.

For an industry that has been relying on old, (some would call them ‘ancient’) and much abused training aircraft, the first of a new breed of ‘Next Generation’ GA Training planes have now arrived in the United States.

Derived from the highly regarded Sling LSA line, the new Sling NGT has all the elements that should be expected by a new student paying big dollars to take on a career in the aviation community.

A fuel efficient next-gen powerplant with FADEC capabilities, a big bubble canopy to enhance visibility and offer additional safety for spotting traffic in high-density areas necessary to build experience in real-world complex airspace, Glass Panel technology that meets or exceeds the capabilities they will find in the aircraft they will fly once they finds their first flying jobs… all packaged in an uncommonly economical airframe that reduces the costs of flight training and offers unparalleled value… in a flight training aircraft that costs half that available from some of the elder generation of  airplane manufacturers still producing eligible aircraft. And… well, lots more.

First; the Sling NGT looks like what a modern trainer should look like… with a big, high-visibility sliding bubble canopy, the latest Rotax engine technology, and a brand-spanking new Garmin G3X glass panel — it has a space-age look while offering outstanding  economics, and yes… solid performance.

With wide side-by-side adjustable leather seating, sporty control sticks, and plenty of baggage area; the fully IFR-equipped NGT utilizes the Rotax 912iS powerplant with FADEC and the option of a ballistic airframe parachute. The Garmin panel is paired with a dual-axis autopilot system that also offers inflight envelope protection.

The new Sling NGT is available for order, now, (very) well-equipped for serious IFR and Cross-Country flight training, for $202,480.