DIMC Introduces The Big Dog

Big Dog.jpg Dog Is My CoPilot, Inc. (DIMC), a 501c3 approved organization based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, introduced the “Big Dog,” their new Cessna Grand Caravan. It holds 3 times more animals and therefore saves 3 times more lives. It holds 335 gallons of fuel, and at $5 a gallon, that’s a $1675.00 fill up. The new plane not only fits more little dogs (up to 150 of them), but it also allows them to transport more medium and large dogs. Space is no longer a factor in DIMC’s animal air transport.

DIMC’s first flight with the Big Dog was March 2nd and included all sizes, from tiny terrier mixes to large shepherds from Oakland and Merced, California. “We had many big dogs on board, and we encountered a new issue: the overabundance of dog breath fogged up the plane’s windows,” – this according to the organization’s latest newsletter. “Soon we were wiped down, and in the air, flying to Utah and Montana.”

Some of the nonprofit animal rescue organizations and shelter groups DIMC works with in eleven western states are: Utah Humane Society; Idaho Humane Society; Camp Duford; HALO Animal Rescue, Phoenix; Pinal County Animal Control; Alameda Animal Shelter; Oakland Animal Services; New Beginnings Merced, CA; All Valley Animal Rescue; Bitterroot Humane Society; Humane Society of W. Montana; Jackson Animal Adoption Center; Lewis & Clark Humane Society; Thompson River Animal Care; Life Savers Animal Rescue; Cache Humane Society; PAWS Washington and Humane Society for SW Washington.

DIMC has saved thousands of animals’ lives. DIMC was created in 2012 by a doctor in Wyoming and a lawyer in Arizona. Peter Rork, MD and Judy Zimet, Esq. work with a supportive Board and dedicated volunteers to fly animals from areas of the United States where they are not wanted, to areas of the United States where they are in demand. There is no charge to the animal welfare organizations for whom DIMC flies…the planes fly on public donations alone.
For more information visit http://www.dogcopilot.org/about/