ACT Engages Next Generation of Aviators at Aviators Rendezvous in North Carolina

Karen Allen at the ACT exhibit.

The ACT (Aviation Careers Technology) took flight recently on May 4-5, showcasing its STEM program that connects NextGen Technology, ADS-B and IoT to engage the next generation of aviators. 

ACT exhibited at Aviators Rendezvous, an event held at the Davidson County Airport in Lexington, NC, that features many unique aircraft landing and taking off all day long, including a special aviators pancake breakfast on Sunday morning.

The ACT team engaged hundreds of attendees throughout the day in how STEM brings out the best in aviation, and that the opportunities in aviation are endless.

Don Koch with ACT display.

“We were inspired with many of the attendees seeing the value in getting this generation ready for the future of aviation through STEM,” said Karen Allen, noting that requests for learning more about aviation, IoT and data were requested in the Greensboro, Charlotte and Raleigh areas. “As volunteers with this ACT program, we want to inspire young minds with STEM and all the channels of opportunities they have in aviation and aerospace.” Over the next decade, Allen said there will be a greater need for pilots, air traffic controllers and mechanics in the airline industry alone and they [ACT Team], want to help make a difference in getting bright, young minds thinking about the possibilities.