NASAO Center Announces Best Practices and Innovation in Aviation Award

The NASAO Center for Aviation Research and Education (NASAO Center) announces the best practices and innovation in aviation awards program recognizing state aviation programs. The non-competitive awards are divided into two categories: best practices and the Aviation Innovation Recognition (AIR) Award and are judged based on their own merits according the criteria outlined for the award, rather than judged against one another. 

NASAO Center Chairman Thomas M. Booth, Jr., (Shown at right) director, Mississippi Department of Transportation Aeronautics Division said, "This is an excellent opportunity to recognize innovation and best practices performed within state aviation agencies across the country in their quest to meet the transportation needs of the public." 
Programs in which a NASAO member is at least a partner are eligible. The program should be a best practice or contribute to the quality of service in the aviation community and/or the general public. Award categories include historic aviation preservation, aviation education, capital planning, compatible land use, economic development and/or impact, emergency management or search and rescue, environmental protection or green technology, financial management, flight department management, information technology, personnel management, system or capital planning, risk management, airport system preservation, directories and charts, volunteers, and air service. Additional information about the awards and an application can be found at the NASAO website