Mead & Hunt Welcomes Mericas to Aviation Team

Mead & Hunt is pleased to welcome Dean Mericas, PhD, to our aviation team. Dean brings national technical leadership in environmental compliance at airports. With nearly 35 years working in the water quality and aquatic resources disciplines, and more than 20 years of experience in the aviation industry, he is a leading expert in managing the environmental impacts of airport deicing runoff and storm water, and the negotiation of National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits for airports. Dean has authored several key Airport Cooperative Research Program guidance documents on deicing, including the first standard reference guide for planning airport deicing runoff control programs and a guidebook on defining winter design storms. He has extensive experience directing the development of:

  • Innovative storm water management programs
  • Regulatory compliance strategies and negotiations
  • Water quality monitoring and assessment investigations
  • Watershed characterization and management projects
  • Aquatic biological assessments

In addition to his deicing and storm water experience, Dean has directed comprehensive environmental compliance support programs at large and mid-sized hub airports that included air quality, groundwater, solid waste management and sustainability services.

"My responsibility to airport clients is to take a critical look at their environmental problems and help them develop smart permitting strategies and sustainable technical solutions. The goal is to achieve and maintain compliance while protecting the environment and minimizing financial burdens."

Dean is located in Austin, Texas, and can be reached at or
512-750-2271. You can learn more about Dean on our blog, Connecting Flight