Levil Technology Announces New Handheld: AHRS, GPS, ADSB-in for GA

The new iLevil SW is a clean-sheet design, an iPad-compatible, fully self-contained “panel in the palm of your hand” device. This lightweight device gives attitude information; has a WAAS GPS for charts and synthetic vision; displays information from external hardware such as an engine monitors; and is an ADSB-in receiver. With a rechargeable 3-hour battery, it lasts longer than most flights; and it is rechargeable through a USB port – or by its built-in solar panel.

“We took the features we wanted and committed to the device size, and developed the SW from there,” said Ananda Leon, Systems Engineer at Levil Technology. “We wanted to provide an all-in-one solution that would fit in a flight bag and had the potential to display virtually all the popular cockpit systems hosted on the pilot’s iPad.” The solar recharging feature is a first for Levil, as well. “We wanted to make universal charging options; although the integrated USB charger works significantly faster, the solar cell will give the battery a full charge over time. In the air, it’s what we might call a ‘range extender.’”

Slightly larger than a pack of cigarettes at 4.5” x 3” x 1”, and weighing just 8 ounces, the iLevil SW can communicate with several devices simultaneously, through WiFi. It is compatible with a number of apps including WingX Pro7, which displays not only Synthetic Vision and in-flight weather, but also supports ADS-B traffic information received by the iLevil SW from near-by ADS-B towers and other aircraft in proximity with ADS-B out transponders. “Handling all the ADS-B information while simultaneously calculating aircraft dynamics was not an easy task,” explained Ruben Leon, founder of Levil Technology. “The iLevil’s processing power is amazing; we are excited to introduce our most powerful system yet.”

Without any airframe wiring or mounting requirements, the iLevil SW is usable in Certified, as well as LSA and Experimental aircraft. The iLevil SW is available immediately, factory-direct; Price is $1195.

More: http://www.aviation.levil.com/iLevil.htm