P3 Tech Consulting and Five-Alpha Announce Strategic Partnership

P3 Tech & Five-Alpha announced that they have entered into a strategic partnership in the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) market, combining P3 Tech’s expertise in tech law, regulation, policy and plans with Five-Alpha’s industry leadership in infrastructure standards, regulations, and code development.

This announcement brings together two leaders in the rapidly evolving and ever-changing arena of Urban Air Mobility (UAM) to address the growing worldwide demand for solutions and services in policy development, legal interpretation, risk analysis, strategic planning, and regulatory compliance.

P3’s Founder and CEO Dawn Zoldi is an internationally recognized subject matter expert on tech law, regulation and policy with a long history in interagency, joint, coalition and commercial settings, advising on cutting edge emerging issues and advanced technologies. A 25-year U.S. Air Force veteran who helped forge the Department of Defense’s domestic unmanned aircraft system policies; Ms. Zoldi is also a 2019 Woman to Watch in UAS award recipient for her thought leadership in this arena.

Founder and President of Five-Alpha, Rex Alexander, is a globally recognized pioneer in the development of powered lift infrastructure education, standards, codes, and risk analysis down to the most granular of details, from the global level to the local level.

“This partnership offers us the opportunity to jointly collaborate in the development of  industry standardization at all levels, including arguably the most important and soon to be the most challenging – the local level.  We’re excited by this strategic partnership with P3 Tech,” Rex Alexander adds.

As part of their alliance, P3 Tech and Five-Alpha will pursue a jointly designed go-to-market strategy for states, cities, and municipalities interested in embracing the AAM/UAM transportation model and the companies who want to help make smart cities a reality. “We see a significant increase in demand for solutions across policy development, urban planning, standardization and optimization,” explains Zoldi. “Planning for smart cities needs to start now.”

For more information on how P3 Tech and Five-Alpha can help take your agency or business to the next level in the UAM market, contact us at:

Dawn Zoldi, CEO │P3 Tech Consulting LLC │+1 (703) 297-6649 │dawn@p3techconsulting.com

Rex Alexander, President │ Five-Alpha LLC │ +1 (260) 494-0891 │ rex@five-alpha.com