NASAO Announces New Online Training Program for State Aviation Officials and Airport Managers, Staff, and Commission Members

The National Association of State of Aviation Officials (NASAO) recently announced the launch of the NASAO-sponsored Training Program.  Over the past year, NASAO has collaborated with state aviation departments of transportation, aviation industry partners, and the Federal Aviation Administration to design online courses to educate state aviation employees and airport stakeholders on the aviation industry, and to provide an orientation to the complex world of airports.

The online courses are defined by seven primary modules under which various topics are explored.  The seven modules are:  1 – Being Aware of the Airport Environment; 2 – Appreciating Key Partners; 3 – Aviation Planning 101; 4 – Environmental Planning 101; 5 – Engineering 101; 6 – Essentials of Project Funding; and 7 – 1-800-Citizen Hotline.

Though the full collection of content will be phased for release throughout 2019, the first two training modules were released in November. In the future, the training program will be expanded to create a comprehensive airport training and certification program.

“NASAO and the Center Board is proud to launch the Aviation Training Program to NASAO members,” said John Shea, NASAO Interim President and CEO.  “As the role of state aviation employees continue to evolve, we felt it was essential to provide an educational program that allows state employees to gain a fundamental understanding and build upon their knowledge-base of the aviation industry. We are excited to bring this comprehensive educational aviation content to the members of NASAO in an easy and user-friendly online program.”

Joseph Miniace, FAA Central Region Regional Administrator said that they share NASAO’s commitment to aviation safety and are pleased to support this valuable training program for its members.  “Along with NASAO, we believe that ensuring a solid foundation of knowledge and resources for state aviation employees will benefit our aviation system,” said Miniace.

Dr. Jeffrey DeCarlo, NASAO Center for Aviation Research and Education – Board Chairman, said the NASAO Center for Aviation Research and Education’s overarching objective is to promote the aviation industry and the varied careers that the industry contains through research, education and thought leadership.  “We are excited to be the lead education and training partner with NASAO in the development of this important training program.”