Elixir Aircraft Delivers 4th Generation Aircraft to Airbus Flight Academy Europe

Four 100HP Elixir aircraft entirely designed and conceived for the needs of professional flight training organizations globally, were delivered to Airbus Flight Academy Europe in Angouleme last week.

Along with this, Elixir Aircraft announced that the four aircraft have all been delivered with the recent EASA certified full glass cockpit instrument panel. The new full glass cockpit option was designed specifically for the requirements of the likes of Airbus and all professional ATO’s / FTO’s globally.

AFAE had previously unveiled its ambitious plan to reduce carbon emissions by ordering four Elixir. One year later, to coincide with the delivery of the first aircraft, Elixir Aircraft is proud to announce that Airbus Flight Academy Europe has renewed its confidence by ordering four new aircraft for delivery in early 2024.

Compared with the current fleet of older-generation aircraft, the Elixir has the advantage of cutting fuel consumption by a factor of four, while halving noise emissions.

The geographical proximity between the school and its manufacturer is also part of the “local” concept.

This new delivery is the fruit of an enormous amount of hard work by the Elixir Aircraft teams, without whom it would not have been possible.

Airbus Flight Academy Europe, headquartered in Champniers (Angoulême, Charente), is a 100% Airbus subsidiary. Set up in 2006 at the Cognac air base, Airbus Flight Academy Europe provides training resources and services for Air Force and French Navy flight schools, as part of basic and advanced training for military pilots at the following bases: Avord, Romorantin, Cognac, Saintes, Lann-Bihoué, Lanvéoc and Salon de Provence.