Pennsylvania Drone Association Hosts Inaugural Drone Advocacy Day at State Capitol Complex

The Pennsylvania Drone Association recently hosted its inaugural Drone Advocacy Day at the State Capitol Complex. Supporters were given the opportunity to be a part of building the roadmap for the safe integration of autonomous aircraft in society.

“Unmanned aircraft are the future in Pennsylvania,” said Frank Segarra, CEO of Connexicore, a nationwide drone solutions provider based in Milford, Pike County. “Today’s advocacy event is the first step toward ensuring the use of drones in Pennsylvania is safe for both recreational and business purposes.”

Regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration, the U.S. drone industry is projected to draw $82.1 billion in economic benefits and create 100,000 new jobs by 2025. Pennsylvania, lacking a coordinated and effective development program to support drone industry initiatives, risks falling behind in a rapidly growing industry.

“More than one million drones are registered with the FAA, and the number will only continue to climb,” said PA Drone Association Director David Heath. “Pennsylvania must seize on this momentum and move to the forefront in creating economic development opportunities for entrepreneurs in the drone industry.”

Drone Advocacy Day gave industry leaders and state legislators the chance to identify areas of growth and opportunities in Pennsylvania. Attendees visited with several drone exhibitors, who also gave live demonstrations.

“Industry leaders in Pennsylvania are hoping to develop public and private partnerships to identify funding opportunities to support critical drone infrastructure,” said Todd Kishpaugh, chief operating officer and partner of Argos Unmanned Aerial Solutions, a Lititz, Lancaster County-based drone provider. “This really is the new frontier in aviation. Today was a great opportunity to begin an important dialogue for an industry that will have a tremendous, positive impact on the commonwealth’s economy.”