Kansas Airport Inspector Has 40 Years with KDOT

John Wiens checks highway plans in his District Five KDOT office in Hutchinson. Wiens has reached 40 years of service with KDOT.

John Wiens, Hutchinson-based Engineering Technician Senior, has reached 40 years of dedicated service to the Kansas Department of Transportation.

Wiens, who is a pilot, has performed a variety of roles for KDOT, including taking care of highway construction plans and records and computer-aided drafting, also inspects 32 airports in District Five, and he has been a longtime local coordinator for KDOT’s State Fair booth.

Wiens joined KDOT in 1979, working for the Hutchinson Construction Office, inspecting highways and bridges.

“It must be a pretty good place to work, for a person to hang in 40 years,” Wiens said. “It just doesn’t seem like I’ve been here that long. Time just kind of gets by you.”

His supervisor, Bryan Hamel, said: “John does an excellent job of working with district and area employees as well as customers outside of the department. His knowledge and experience are vital to ensuring that the plans and files are kept up and stored properly. John is an avid aircraft enthusiast who is efficient and detailed when performing airport inspections for District Five.”