Lightspeed Aviation Names Winners of the Fly Me to the Moon Contest

Lightspeed Aviation has announced the winners of the Fly Me to the Moon Contest, presented by Lightspeed Aviation and CloudAhoy. The contest pitted pilots against each other in a race to fly the most non-business miles during the five weeks of the contest.

“Our goal was to encourage pilots to get out there and fly,” said Teresa De Mers, Executive Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support at Lightspeed. “With 158 pilots logging 819 flights and 130,552 nautical miles, I’d say we were successful.”

The winners of the Fly Me to the Moon Contest are Alan Marcum (shown at right), Isaac Lamb and John Elling.

Alan Marcum
Grand Prize Winner:  Alan Marcum

Grand Prize Winner: Alan Marcum, Palo Alto, California
Alan is an accomplished pilot who has not only made several trips across the U.S. in his Mooney 252, but he has also logged time in a wide variety of other aircraft, including a De Havilland Tiger Moth, a Taylorcraft L-2, Stearmans, a Waco YMF, a Tiger, and Citabrias. Alan flew a total of 7,695 miles over 22 flights. As the pilot logging the most miles, Alan was offered his choice of Lightspeed premium ANR headsets and selected a Zulu PFX®.

isac lamb lightspeed
First Runner Up: Isaac Lamb


First Runner Up: Isaac Lamb, Winston-Salem, NC
Isaac is a former Army Blackhawk pilot with his sights set on becoming an airline pilot. According to Isaac, the contest was the impetus he needed to complete the remaining hours required to apply for the ATP certificate. Isaac flew 6,938 miles over 69 flights and will receive a Gann leather flight bag from Lightspeed’s Adventure Flight Bag Collection.


John Elling
Second Runner Up: John Elling

Second Runner Up: John Elling, Santa Fe, NM
John started flying hang gliders in high school but has since graduated to bigger craft and enjoys flying to Alaska to fish for salmon. John covered 5,943 miles in 22 flights, earning a Markham leather flight bag from the Adventure Flight Bag Collection.

“Teaming up once again with CloudAhoy has resulted in another highly innovative and successful promotion,” said De Mers. “The live leaderboard and flight debriefing features they created added a lot of excitement, and although we didn’t reach the moon, our contestants got us more than half the way there.”

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